A few months ago I blogged about Arie & I beginning to try to add another member to our little family. We feel like the luckiest people on earth to be able to say the planning has paid off and we are pregnant with our second little babe.

This post has been a long time coming for a few reasons.

The first being I have been really REALLY ill. This pregnancy so far (I'm now 12 weeks) has been very difficult. I've had severe morning sickness from 5 weeks, every day I struggle to keep any food down & have had to have a number of fluid infusions to re-hydrate me and keep me going. Juggling this with a very active toddler (who herself has been poorly) has been a real challenge. I've lost my energy and drive to do anything that doesn't just involve keeping the family alive.

The second reason being that we felt a little guilty that it happened quite quickly for us. We have lots of friends who have struggled to fall pregnant and after I had so publicly stated when we were beginning to 'try' we felt it might upset some people that it hadn't taken us long to get lucky. After a complicated birth with Ruby we didn't expect it to happen like it did.

Ovulation predictor tests and cycle timing played a big part in our success just like it did when we fell pregnant with Ruby.

Where to now?

Well we are crossing our fingers and toes as we enter the second trimester my morning sickness filled days are numbered. Our little guy/gal is growing well according to scans. I will be giving birth via an elective cesarean section, which I hope to feel a little more in control of. Our aim is to have it as peaceful as possible, with all screens down and immediate skin to skin (the things I missed out on first time around). My belly is in the beginning stages of 'showing' so I'm sure the bump shots will be coming in as fast as we can take them. Thank you for all of the love and support through this journey so far.

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