So here I am blogging again after what feels like a long time. I enjoy blogging and write each post with the intention that it will be meaningful, truthful & special to me. The flip side to trying to keep my posts honest is that they don't always flow as quickly as I'd like. This post though has had lots of time put into it. Not just the writing but the thought and deliberation behind the idea of speaking out. So here it goes.

Arie (my husband) and I are trying for another baby.

A simple enough sentence with a whole lot of background behind it.

We fell pregnant with Ruby pretty quickly. Once we worked out things like timing (technically there is only 24-48 hours a month a woman can fall pregnant, either side of that there are "fertile" days but all of it relies on the timing of ovulation). We used ovulation predictor kits, apps on my phone and talked way too much about the 'timing' of my cycle. But in the end it was worth it, we achieved the goal & fell pregnant.

If you've been following my blog for a little while you'll know Ruby had a pretty tough birth, that also lead to me suffering some damage internally. So before trying for our second baby we have done some testing to make sure my body is ready and able to undergo this journey again. We have been given the tick of approval.

We have been trying, with not much luck so far, but its early days. I always find it strange how we spend so much of our young adult lives trying to prevent a pregnancy then when we want to fall pregnant it doesn't happen as quickly as we thought.

This will be a subject I expand on as our journey to grow our family continues. I feel like this is something that's played out by so many couples but almost always its behind closed doors. I truly understand why but for us, a couple who is very open about our lives, we wanted to talk about it. Its a 'normal' part of many peoples lives and I want to try and normalize it as much as I can. Although it is a bit awkward.

We are hoping this time for us is short again, but if its not we are prepared for that too. So here we are, peeing on sticks daily, recording every symptom, waiting & hoping 'this' is the month. More than that enjoying time as a family of three, I know how once you fall pregnant your whole world seems to revolve around it so enjoying my 'only Ruby' time. Our dream is to have two babies close in age, that grow up not only as siblings but friends. Lets see how we go.

until next time.


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