So here is how I got on with my efforts to achieve a more minimalistic home & in the process find my inner peace as I satisfy my OCD.

What I learnt:

- We have way too much stuff. In each room I would say I got rid of a third off the stuff and still there is more stuff than we probably need.

- Throwing things away (or donating etc.) is good for the soul, I feel so much more relaxed opening cupboards now knowing they are organised

- Getting rid of stuff is harder than it sounds

- I will never achieve minimalism. We live in our home so obviously things are being used and stuff is untidy

- This is an on going process that needs to be consciously done in order to maintain it

The rules I worked by:

- have I used this in the last year?

- is the only thing that is making me keep this item because i feel like it would be a waste of money to get rid of it?

- is this a sentimental item?

- do I have a similar item?

- does this item fit in with the idea of a minimal home?

I also had a goal to get rid of at least 10 things in each zone, which I tripled in most cases

Everyone likes a good before and after right? here are some of mine!

It gets worse before it gets better

And all of that hard work lead to this, a tidier but still not perfect house. I'll never not have washing on the back deck & toys all over the lounge room floor but it has given me perspective on what needs to be there & what doesnt.

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