So I've been doing some light reading into minimalist living, the idea of living in a space free of clutter & unnecessary items. It seems everyone has their own version of what minimalism is and how to achieve it. To me its open spaces, neutral colours, clutter free and living with more things we need & less things we don't.

I really enjoy refreshing my living spaces & purging items we don't use. I try do do this on a regular basis but still the clutter builds up. I spend a lot of time during the week cleaning & although I enjoy doing it, its still time I could be spending doing other things.

So as an effort to try and achieve the minimalistic dream here is the challenge I am setting myself.

Each week I plan to

* re-arrange each space

* purge at least 10 items from each space (donate, sell or bin)

* throw away duplicates

* deep clean

*only replace 3 things in each area

Week one : Bedrooms/ lounge / kitchen

Week two: Hallway/dining room/ laundry/ office

Hopefully at the end of the next two weeks I will have a house that looks tidy & clean, is easy to maintain and clutter free. I hope to own less but feel like I have more. Update coming soon with pictures and a fully house tour!

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