9 months of being a mama has passed & although I know logically my baby will grow I still have moments where I think "wait what? she was 2 weeks old just the other day?" but 9 months marked something significant for me. In my mind at least this is the end of my post-partum phase. My body has now had the same amount of time to heal as it did to grow my baby. Before I had Ruby I couldn't picture what my body would look like afterwards, and although I still have days where I get hung up on it not being perfect, I do really love it. This is a small collection of photos that I've bravely taken for two reasons. The first being to show other women/mothers that your body is beautiful & strong & something to be proud of. And lastly for me, to remind myself to give my body grace. It grew and nourished the most precious thing in my world. Scars, stretchmarks, saggy skin & all. This is me, I am a mother.