Save vs. Splurge

Having a baby is expensive. No matter how you do it, somehow these tiny little things who dont do much of anything cost you so much?! Go figure! Heres what I think is worth investing those precious dollars in and what I think you can cheat your way out of. As well as reviews of products we own.

The Pram - This is something I think you should splurge on. Babies/kids are in (most of the time) their prams until around 3-4 years old so think of investing in quality. The other thing you want to keep in mind is if you are planning on having more than one baby your pram needs to be able to accommodate 2 or at least have the option to. The are loads of prams on the market that can have a second seat attached and most take some kind of skateboard attachment at the back for the older kid to stand on. We have just recently upgraded our pram to the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan and love it! This pram has the option to attach a skateboard at the back for little miss if we decide to create another bundle of joy! New Zealand companies like Mountain Buggy make really good prams and I love supporting kiwi businesses.

Pictured = Phil & Teds Voyager & Mountain Buggy Duet

Baby carrier - Another splurge item. Invest in someting that provides your baby with proper support & alows for your baby to use it in a few different possitions. I've loved both the Solly Wrap and the Ergo 360

Clothes - this is a baby essential I think you really can save on. babies grow sooooo fast that you'd be lucky if they wore any item more than 3 times. I often buy a whole heap of basic stuff like tights, tshirt, singlets from places like Kmart, The Wharehouse or Farmers then pair them with something a little more expensive. Some of my favourite baby brands, that sit on the mid-high price range are Country Road, Jamie Kay, Seed. Another way to save is to browse Trademe or buy & sell pages, because babies only get very light wear out of each item often times second hand is pretty much new.

Toys - SAVE SAVE SAVE! Babies like anything. Literally anything is a toy. Some of Ruby's current faves are the remote, hair clips, tags, pegs, table legs, hairbrush, spoons, curtains honestly the list goes on. They are amused by simple things so dont stress about having to buy all of the fancy flashing singing toys. Blocks, household items and a few soft toys are usually all you'll need for their first year. The time will come that shes asking for the $200 barbie so for now I'm enjoying her playing with pegs!

Food - when your sprog starts to eat food buying a million and one jars at the supermarket can really add up. That's where making your own comes in. Its so simple (just boil and mash) and costs half the price. I bought large ice cube trays from kmart and use them to store/portion the food. The other bonus is you know exactly whats in it!

Baby furniture - try to find a balance between quality and price. Again shopping on trademe and hitting the shops when there is a sale is your best bet. Ask other mums & dads what they like or don't like about their pieces. Splurge on things like a crib & high chair as they will get more use. Defiantly save, borrow or buy second hand things like a bassinet and a change table as you'll find they don't get much use.

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