So I really dont have a foot to stand on when it comes to fashion advice. I'm sitting here writing this in stripey jogger style pants and a jumper than resembles a sheep sheerer's outfit. Oh and to top it all off there are a pair of bed socks featuring in this ensemble and last nights makeup under my eyes.

Dressing my postpartum body is a lot harder than I thought. The stuff I had pre-ruby doesn't fit me the same way it used to and my style now is so different. Hello gloriavale-esk modesty. So in an effort to buy less and wear more I have put together a capsule wardrobe. A selection of clothes than can be interchanged with one another (thus in theory eliminating all the planning/guesswork/try-on time when choosing something to wear). Typically when I'm getting ready in the morning, I will have 20 minutes of quiet time, between feeds, play and sleep to get myself together. 20 - that's it! So I need to have my wardrobe set up in a way that I can grab the first thing I see and have it work. Then if I'm lucky a coat of mascara and hair pulled back into some kind of mum bun (or stringy grease ball mess).

So this is my capsule wardrobe, nothing groundbreaking by any means, all of the same colour palate because that's what I feel comfortable in and almost all interchangeable with one another.

My advice for purchasing items for this kind of wardrobe is:

- Quality over quantity: buy fewer items but invest in good quality clothes that will last

- Don't follow trends to closely

- Really think about whether an item can be worn with more than one other item eg. does one top fit with the jeans and shorts?

- Always have a few basic items (like tshirts) that can go with anything

Here are some tips for sorting your wardrobe:

- If you haven't worn it in the last 6 months, chuck it!

- Sort things into 4 piles: keep(to wear), donate, keep(sentimental value/storage) and sell

- Try the items on as you go: holding them up you may not realise that it doesn't quite fit anymore, this gives you a chance to really evaluate the clothes too, ask yourself do I like the way my body looks in this? Is this the kind of style I'm going for? Do I feel like Beyonce in this? if the answer is no then get rid of it!

- Fold your clothes and store them neatly: messy clothes in a drawer aren't appealing and it can be hard to find items without getting elbow deep

- Like above, invest in nice hangers: even if you share a hanging space with a smelly boy (like me) and only have about half a meter to hang stuff, this is the best way to make your clothes feel more glam,, plus clothes sit better on nice wooden hangers so you will get less stretching around neck and armholes.

- Iron clothes before you put them away: I'm the worst at this, I'll hang something up and hope that magic ironing fairies will come and iron it before I have to wear it (they never do) so I end up not wearing the item because it isn't "ready to go"

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