The other day a male friend of ours (I mention his gender because I think its important in this instance) whom we hadn't seen in a while, said congratulations on having a baby, he then asked how it all went. After saying "we had to have an emergency c-section but we are both here and healthy and all happy" he followed with, "why did you decide to have an operation instead of giving birth?"

HAHAHAHAhahahahahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... no. NO NO NO. Nope. Stop right there buddy. I get it you are a male in his early 20's, you probably didn't mean it or even think about what you just said but NO.

I still gave birth.

What I did wasn't just an "operation". What I did was opt for the only option we had to save our babies life. The decision I made was a no brainier. It left me with a scar across my belly but a baby in my arms. It cost me the "natural" birth experience but it meant my little family is all together.

After this happened I decided this subconscious attitude towards cesarean sections needs to change. For anyone who hasn't experienced a cesarean section directly, please listen to what I am about to say.

Every c-section mother feels a loss, a loss for the birthing experience to progress naturally. They feel angry their bodies couldn't carry out the task they were meant to do. They feel lucky that without medical intervention things could have ended a little differently. They feel blessed that they live in a time where surgery is an option in childbirth. And most of all they feel proud, for doing whatever it took to bring their child into the world.


Beautiful, raw and real. Just like any other birth.

Milk bath captured by my husband

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