Yeah I am doing a post on this. Who woulda thunk it huh? Obviously have some inside knowledge here, being a photographer and a lover of the gram. These are some super basic tips to up your photo game, be it for social media or just memory's sake.

All of these tips are for smartphones.


This is probably the fastest way to change an average looking photo into something that could be found in glossy magazine pages. Smart phones need all the help they can get with this. Natural light is your best bet. Artificial lighting like that from the roof in your house, are often not bight enough and give off a yellow/orange colour. Position yourself facing the light source or with it coming directly from one side (moodier) and try to get your photographer (husband or other) to stand just off to the side facing you. This way they wont block the light or cast a shadow and will get the full effect of the light on your face/subject.


Giving an image scale or cropping the image in can improve them tenfold. Below are some examples. Cropping is also a great chance to remove the lame-o photo bombing or an ugly bit of wall. Not every image needs to be a close up and like wise some photos call for being able to see the subject. If taking a photo of an object try standing above it directly (flat lay style).


This one is so important! Nothing ruins a photo of your cute outfit more than your messy ass bedroom in the background! Think about moving outside near some greenery (bonus is good lighting) or against a plain wall. That way the attention is on you/the subject rather than the fussy background.


There are soooo many of these apps its hard to know which ones to choose. It comes down to personal preference but you need a program that will let you increase/decrease the brightness(exposure), the saturation, temperature, crop & bonus if it has filters. I really suggest having a play around with these features because once you get to know them it becomes easy to edit a photo. I would stay away from programs that offer spot removal (for pimples or what not) or skin softening. These are techniques that need to be done on real deal computer editing software and when done on a phone look really obvious. Filters are a god send and A LOT of instagram moms and famous people pick one filter and stick with it. This makes the overall look of their feed mono toned, hard to do but is good on the OCD eye.

My suggested apps:



All of the pics on this post are from my Instagram, not because I'm that self absorbed but because I'm too lazy to ask people if I can borrow their photos. Also if you have Instagram please write your handle in the comments so I can have a good ol' stalk and a follow! Hope this helped a little. Share it to ya hubby to drop some hints.



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