It terrifies me but in the same motion excites me to know I'll have a part in bringing up a person of the future.

Her and I will fight different battles though. I'm an adult in 2016 when the differences between males and females hit me in the face everyday. So of course I'm all for that changing. But I know in order for that to happen we need to raise our children differently. Not just females, males too. We need to teach boys that its okay to not be number one, that being soft doesn't make you any less. That they don't always have to take charge or be the provider.

We need to teach girls that being female is a gift not a disservice. That we too can earn, and make and contribute. Marriage wont define you and you dont always have to "find a man"

Our generation is living with all kinds of inequalities, in the work place, marriage, sexual orientation, gender identification, gender roles, parenting. All of it in some way or another has gender playing a huge role in the outcome of that individuals success. We live with things like this today but it doesn't mean I want my child to. I want her to grow up feeling equal to the person next to her regardless of who they are. I want her to feel powerful and passionate about who she is and what shes here to do but I also want her to understand that everyone deserves that. Not just her. I want her to encourage and empower people around her, and for that to be anyone not just females.

I want to teach her how to value herself. Raising a girl I feel like we have the biggest duty to make sure she knows her worth in this world and that not that long ago (even in her mummy's time) it was a little different. A lot of people have fought tireless battles so that she can be the same as everyone else.

What an incredible task the universe thought her papa and I were strong enough to do.

You are a woman. Skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat. You are not made of metaphors. Not apologies, not excuses.

- Sarah Kay, excerpt from “The Type”

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