I have been pinterest dreaming about dyeing some fabric of my own for the longest time & I've finally done it! Indigo dyeing is using a natural dye that first appears green when pulled from the solution and turns blue when it meets the oxygen in the air. Its all magic stuff... if you can find it. My local Spotlight didn't have any Indigo dye when I went looking so I had to improvise with some regular navy blue fabric dye. This works best on natural fibres so I got a mixture of cotton/cheesecloth/muslin.

What you will need:

* Natural white fabrics

* Rubber bands

* Wood or plastic ice cream containers to be cut up

* Fabric dye (not one meant for use in the washing machine but rather one meant for and dyeing)

* Rubber gloves

* Big bucket or laundry sink

* Regular bucket

Start by cutting your fabric to size and deciding on a design you like this is a useful site to learn now to fold the fabric using shibori techniques. Basically all you need to remember is if you have covered the piece of fabric with something (ie. wood or plastic) it will stay white and the bits you've left overhanging will be blue. Always fold in accordion style to make the pattern symmetrical. Here are my bits of fabric folded and tied

Wearing your gloves! Mix the dye according to the packet's instructions, I did this in my laundry tub and submerge the fabric for as long as they tell you too. Trust the process and don't be tempted to peek under the covered bits!

Rinse them out as much as you can while they are wrapped up then unwrap them and rinse again. Wash them in warm water & leave to dry on the line.

Ta da! Fabric that you made!

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