So as you all reading this already know I am expecting my first baby any day now. (for those of you that don't know y'all must not know me because I yabber on about it constantly!) I've put the final touches on the little bebe (to be named Ruby)'s nursery now and thought it was about time I shared the good tips, the bad tips, the stuff I've found useful, what I've invested in & saved on and of course the final photos!

First off I'll start by saying it's really hard designing a room for someone you don't know, and technically that's what you are doing when you are setting up a nursery. You're choosing a style you hope they will like but who knows who this little person is going to grow into and what things they will love and hate. For this reason I recommend going pretty neutral in the beginning. Buy the "big stuff" like drawers, chair, cot, shelving in tame colours that could work with most styles. I went light/white washed wood throughout. Use the soft furnishings like sheets, linen, mats and cushions to decide your colour theme. Then add personality with the decor on the walls and everywhere else, these are easy to change and usually not too pricey to do so. You may think you'll have a disney loving princess but within a year you'll start to learn their personality and that princess might love diggers & tractors more!

The nursing chair:

Something comfortable enough to spend hours in, preferably something that rocks & has armrests to help with propping up the baby when your arms have gone to sleep. I've also made sure I have a side table next to it where I'm sure my endless cups of coffee will sit, it also very practically has a lamp (with a very dim bulb) for night time feeds. My nursing chair is from Ikea.

Set of drawers:

Something with enough drawers to hold all of the babies clothes (they own way more than the average adult - trust me the collection builds up!), we are also choosing to use the top surface as a change station, this is saving us buying a whole change table & after asking some mummy friends advice they all responded with "we didn't really use ours, we just changed them wherever the poo explosion happened!" (Not pictured) is the change mat we have to sit on the top which is portable, along with the baskets full of nappy changing supplies ready to use. I've also made sure I have her clothes separated out into piles of each particular size in her drawers, that way we won't be scrambling to find the right size of something. Pinterest even had the neat idea of labeling each pile but who's got time for that?

Books & toys:

Newborns are really not big on toys, especially in the beginning & even most babies are happy playing with a peg or a bottle lid or stones?? So this is where we haven't gone too crazy. I've spent a total of about $10 on some good condition books from the op shop (classics) and have purchased a few nice quality wooden toys for when she's ready. We had a small collection of soft toys we had been putting away for our first baby & she has been gifted about a dozen more. In the future I'm sure we will be toys galore but for now this little collection is more than enough. Highly recommend: A Sophie the Giraffe teething toy, something about them soothes any babe!

Blankets & wraps:

Apparently you really can't have enough of these! I've gone for mostly natural fibers like wool and cotton and have loads of muslin wraps that will also double as burp cloths. I've even made a few myself by hemming a 1m squared bit of muslin or cotton fabric. I've bought a natural sheep skin for tummy time too. Good brands to look out for when purchasing these are: Modern burlap, Jamie Kay, Noah and Bowie

Wall decor:

Personality pieces! Easily changed when I get sick of them. A great site for temporary wall decals is The lovely wall.

A mobile:

Hopefully captivating enough to mesmorise your little one until they fall asleep. Ours is from Nature Baby & is 5 paper swans that float around each other, not going to lie I'd fall asleep if I stared at it long enough.


There are so many varying opinions on how much is enough and to be fair I'm not sure if I've got the right amount so I won't start preaching yet but the way I have been buying is with the mindset that "if you get through a day with 2 changes of clothes you can call yourself lucky!" Our babe will be a winter gal so she will need more layering pieces than a summer baby might. I've also chosen to go hand made with as many items I can.

The pram:

Definitely somewhere I think its worth spending money. You want something that will grow with your baby and is going to be reliable and most of all safe. Again so much differing opinion on what is best, if you will be exercising lots with your babe then a jogger style is better for you but for us the times we will be using it will be around the shops & short walks. This one is the Smart Lux by Phil & Teds and it was my dream stroller. It changes to about a million different positions (bassinet for newborn, sitting facing you for baby age and outward facing for when they get a little older). Its super slim width wise so walking around shops aisles should be a piece of cake! We also got the capsule that fits with the pram incase she likes riding in that instead.

ENJOY being pregnant mama's, the nesting is all part of it and it becomes oh so real when a room & all the stuff is ready and waiting for a little human to use it!

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