So this DIY comes to you as a co-lab with my hunk-o-spunk other half who knew how badly I wanted Kmart's version of this & when I couldn't find one in store he offered to make one just like it! At our house the back door is more like the front door as its where you park your cars & is easier to go to than the front. We haven't had anywhere to hang keys & wallets and all the bits that you bring in with you when you first come inside so thats where I got the idea to use one of these suckers!

NB: again only simple as a pimple maths needed but I always warn you just in case!

What you'll need:

- Ply wood (not too thick so that its light when you hang it on the wall) when you buy it ask the hardware store to cut it to size (soooo much easier)

- If your ply isnt cut to size you'll need a saw of some kind to cut it

- Drill with a circular drill piece (the same size of your dowel - ours was 18mm)

- 1m of dowel ( ours was 18mm thick)

- Ruler

- Chalk pen or pencil

(optional sticky dots, we didnt end up using them but you might like to)

**If your ply wood is cut to the size you are after skip to step 3.

1. Measure your ply wood to size. I went with 60cm x 80cm, mark with nice straight lines

2. Cut the ply to size

We used our left over ply to cut some 20cm x 10cm "shelves"

3. Using your ruler, place a dot every 10cm starting from the edge both horizontally and vertically so that you have dots in a grid like pattern

4. Once you have made sure the dots are evenly spaced either turn them into crosses or use the sticker dots to mark where to drill

5. Drill the holes out (this is where I recommend you do it with the right side up as we had some splitting on the underneath of the holes)

6. Mark 10cm all the way up the piece of dowel and cut these to size. You'll be left with 9-10 pegs all 10cm long

7. Hang it on the wall! and place pegs where you like! If they feel a little loose you could always glue/blue tack them in place

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