This beauty was hung up in our lounge room for a while and I kept meaning to tell you all how I made it. Its so ridiculously simple and makes for such fun wall art. (feels like party central 24/7)

What you'll need: -Yarn - in as many varying colours as you like, I chose grey, white(ish) and yellow because I liked how they all looked together - String or twine - Scissors - something cylindrical like a jar or bottle

NB: the tassel I'm making in this tutorial is thinner than the rest just so its easier to see how it works.

Start by wrapping the yarn around the bottle or jar about 20-30 times.

Slide it off gently still keeping its shape

Fold the circle shaped yarn in half and cut, now wrap a small length of the same coloured yarn around the top to finish making the tassel

Excuse the Paddington bear PJS....

There should be a loop at the top now and this is how you thread it onto the string.

Cut the string to suit the size of your space, and space out the tassels evenly.

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