If you are anything like me you would be spending your Friday night in doing a few crafts because you feel a bit icky and need some cheering up. I found this cute tea towel (amongst others) at Freedom furniture the other day. A steal at $2 each I had to buy a few. Our fabric and material supply in Hamilton is limited so I jump at a change to turn some funky fabric into something else when I can. And voila! The tea towel pillow was born.

What you need: - cushion inner (mine was a 41x41cm size from Spotlight) - teatowl big enough to cover your cushion inner - backing fabric (or another tea towel) - needle, thread, scissors, pins, measuring tape - sewing machine (ya'll don't wanna be sewing all night by hand do ya? its 2015)

First measure your teatowl 1cm bigger than your pillow inner & cut (so mine was a 42x42cm square) this can be rough, just as long as it somewhat resembles a square you are fine!

Use that square as a template for the backing fabric and lay that sucker over it and cut it to the same size. Now you have two vague squarish shapes about 42x42cm.

Put the right sides together and pin! Now to sew.... Sew 3 + 1/2 sides of the cushion cover together leaving half a side open to shove the cushion inner into.

Turn in inside out (or right side out?)

Now squish the inner into the cover, its a tight fit and it will feel like its not going to fit but then it all of a sudden will

Then carefully sew the half side up best you can, I've got pretty good at it but if it looks crap make that the bottom side the pillow sits on and no one will know.

NOTE: The inner I bought is fully machine washable as well as all the fabric, so if they get dirty its as simple as popping them in the machine on a gentle wash. No need for zips etc.

Hand sewn side

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