This is a quick little DIY for how to make basic matting for your photo frames. Matting usually only comes in standard sizing so it can be difficult if you want to get a different look with smaller or bigger matting or if you are trying to fit the photo to the frame rather than the frame to the photo. Professional matting is amazing but can cost loads, so as usual this DIY was born when I found a way to beat the system. Oh yeah.

NB: this requires some quick maths, but nothing like sixth form calculus level, just basic adding and subtracting

What you'll need:

- Frame

- Cardboard as big as or bigger than your frame (something nice and thick like 300GSM)

- Craft knife (not scissors) & mat for cutting

- Ruler

- Pen

- Scrap paper & calculator for your calculations

1. measure your frame

2. Use the backing board of your frame as a guide to cut the card to the right size

3. Now its time to do the calculations (eeeeek!) - Start out with the length measurements for the frame, (mine was 71cm) then subtract the length measurement of the photo you are using (mine was 25.2cm) this left me with 45.8cm.

- Divide this measurement by 2 to get the spacing for either side of your photo (mine was 22.9cm each side, for this measurement its always better to round up as your photo will tuck neatly behind the matting rather than being the exact side of the hole you are making) - Now repeat the process using the width measurement

- I've drawn a little diagram to show how this all gets transferred to the matting board in 9 rectangles with the photo being in the middle

4. Using your craft knife and the ruler very slowly cut the middle square out of the matting board. Its better to be slow and steady especially when coming to a corner

5. Set your photo on the matting board and tape in place

6. Put in the frame & replace the backing board

Voila! Hang and enjoy the fact that ya saved some $ and your photos look super cool.

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