I've made a few wall hangings to give as gifts and even one for our bedroom wall, all of which using dowel. Don't get me wrong they are cute & its a more readily available alternative to driftwood, but the wood gives it so much more personality. I found the driftwood on the beach, the same one where my fiance and I got engaged so it has some special meaning. I've seen this work equally well with branches/sticks or like I said dowel.

Here's what ya need:

- yarn/wool in various colours of your choice, you'll want at least two different colours for some contrast

- scissors

- driftwood/stick/dowel

- string for hanging

First I measured how long I wanted the yarn to hang from the driftwood, then I cut loads of different pieces to the same size

This is how I attached the yarn to the driftwood:

Loop the yarn over the wood and pull the end bits through. This allows you to tighten/loosen the yarn and move it in place once you've finished.

Repeat a million more times!

Attach string to either side to hang.

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