This one just jumped out at me so I had to share! I saw this tote bag at CottonOn the other day, I'm not a big fan of using them as bags but the print on this one was too perfect not to buy it! My kitchen is screaming out to have this in it. I have seen people cut these up and frame them, also a super cute idea! Here is how I made a banner out of it:

Things you'll need:

- Canvas tote bag (mine was $2 from CottonOn, they have heaps of trendy designs)

- Scissors

- PVA/craft glue

- Dowel cut to size (mine was from spotlight for about $6 and has lasted me a few projects)

- String/yarn to hang

First I cut my bag along the seams trying to make the final piece as long as possible so that there is room for the tail of the banner.

Canvas frays quite badly so I decided to fold in the edges and make a tiny no-sew seem by gluing the edges all the way around. If I did this again id just use the sewing machine as the glue was a bit messy and didnt dry as nicely as I wanted it to.

Fold the top section over the dowel and glue in place.

Tie your yarn to either side and hang!


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