I found a picture of some pretty cute polka dot sheets on pintrest and fell in love. So of course I went on a quest to find some of my own. After much hunting the only local place I could find that sold some was one of my favorite shops (citta design) alas they were way out of my budget so this is when my budget savvy DIY brain kicked in - just make them! So here it is a DIY for how I pulled off the lux look for way way way less.

What ya need:

- Plain white sheets/pillow cases (bought mine from Kmart for $7)

- Black fabric paint

- Paper to put between the pillowcase or sheet to stop the paint from soaking through

- Chalk/pencil end/paint brush to make a round shape

Line the pillow case with paper, I just wanted the paint on one side

Start stamping, I liked a more random pattern but I could see it looking effective with a more measured and precise pattern (curious dog optional)

Leave to dry for at least 5 hours, I used my hairdryer to speed up the drying process because I suck at waiting but the longer you leave it to dry the better the end result, then follow washing/ironing instructions on your fabric paint bottle.

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