First of all I have to stop and say all of the photo credit in this post goes to Swift & Click. Check them out they are nothing short of aaaahhhhmazing.


We set a date for the party a few months out which gave me plenty of time to craft and plan. I made the decorations gradually, (one a week or so) this allowed me to make each one well and meant by the time the party came around I had everything done and almost zero stress (great joke huh?) I even created a rough sketch of the buildings layout so I could map out in my own crazy way where I wanted everything to go.


Make it yourself! This was such a good way to be able to personalise the decorations to our taste and also have a little fun with it. I made a million and one garlands from printed card and twine, a confetti wall, the tassel garland that hung from the cake table, I covered some boring cardboard letters in yarn, painted old wine bottles for candle holders - just about everything was made by me or someone I roped in to help. Not only did this keep the cost down but gave the venue a "handmade" feel which I was really going for.

Tip Three: GO CHEAP!

Each table or bar leaner had a bunch of flowers and rather than spend good money on a florist we spent about $40 on supermarket flowers the night before (and a few bunches from a roadside seller) cut up and arranged with leafy bits picked from our garden (FREE holla) they looked really cute! They worked so well I'm considering doing this for our wedding too!


You've recruited your bridesmaids right? Well put those suckers to work! My BM's helped me stick and glue and paint and stamp until they couldn't anymore and you won't believe how helpful it was. We also had a close friend who we know makes the most amazing cakes so a few nice words and she was happy to help!


Where ever I could I tried to make it all about us. As a wall decoration I hung twine with pictures of us actually getting engaged (pintrest has done this a zillion times I know), we hung clipboards with info about our bridal party so everyone could get to know who was who and I made the black A2 prints so that I could keep a theme going at the same time as making them personal

We had an amazing night and it all came together better than I ever imagined. Of course a night we will remember forever.

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