• What I aim to capture is the connection between you and your birth partner & the hard work you put in to birth your baby. I will try to capture the feeling of the room, the expression on everyone's face & the first hug you get with your new baby.

  • Although there is art to close up images of baby’s being born I prefer to capture the event from a reasonable distance or as a “fly on the wall” apprach

  • We can discuss a plan for if your birth needs to happen with helping hands & what parts I can and can’t join you to

  • It is best to call me when you are in active labor (contractions are 3-5 minutes apart and frequent or when you are leaving for the hospital or birth center)

  • I will stay with you as long as your labor takes & for about an hour afterwards to take some photos of your new family all together

  • You will receive upwards of 150 photos on a USB

  • Lets met up and chat about what you would like your birth photos to capture & get to know each other before D-day!

  • Album can be added for $120

  • Birth announcement photo can be added for an extra $50 and will be processed, edited and sent to you within an hour after I have left so you can announce your new little blessing to the world


Things to note

  • A $200 (non refundable) deposit will be needed to secure your date

  • As birth is very unpredictable I keep 2 weeks either side of your due date free to make sure I am available for your birth

  • Should you go into labor outside of that 4 week period, I will try my best to be there but I can’t guarantee it

  • If i dont make it to your birth you are more than welcome to use your $200 deposit towards a newborn shoot

  • It is best to let your midwife know I will be joining you at the birth so that she is prepared to have me in the room

Lets meet for a coffee and chat